• Fear That I Know
  • Just When You Thought
  • Exhale
  • There Was a Time
  • Fleeing Persecution
  • Hot Tea & Scones
  • Running Out of Time
  • Don't Stop
  • I Am a Trader

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  • Life
  • Garden of Life
  • Life Vest
  • Walking in Symphony I
  • Walking in Symphony II
  • Walk in the Light
  • Peace
  • Are You Ready?
  • My Mirror of Self-Love
  • Personal Mission Statement
  • You are a Conqueror!​


  • My Source
  • God's Grace
  • Stand Still
  • On My Stage
  • Preparation for Grandeur
  • Dash
  • Another Saturday Night
  • Fear vs. Faith
  • Joy

"Sonnets from My Soul is an inspiring collection of poems in which Taylor-Jones lets her imagination run free..."

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Michelle's sonnets

Michelle Taylor-Jones

Sonnets from My Soul: At Peace

By: Michelle Taylor-Jones

ISBN: 978-0-9905193-9-4

Print Version: $9.95

Kindle Version: $3.99

Available on: Amazon - Barnes & Noble

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Sonnets from my soul - Is a collection of inspirational poems written by Michelle Taylor-Jones, who has been writing in secret for decades.  In this first edition, Michelle shares some of her favorite sonnets on the subjects of Courage, Love, Purpose and Faith, with the hope that readers will find enjoyment and healing in her reflections as she has over the years.