Pink Butterfly

​(Michelle's Signature Sonnet)

Pink butterfly in flight,

watch her spread her wings

both day and night.

Soaring  beyond what all eyes can see,

with the wind against your wings

far beyond what they expected her to be.

Rise like the sun covering the earth

with your grace and beauty,

never allow them to define you

nor tell you what you should be. 

Be not afraid of the darkness
or the night,

you were once a caterpillar in transformation,

now it's time to take flight. 

Soar pink butterfly and spread your wings wide,

the world awaits your splendor

no longer shall you hide!

"This work draws on Michelle's joy and pain through both highs and lows...."

My Mother's Kisses

(an excerpt...)

My Mother's Kisses

always made me feel brave on the first day of school.

Even as an adult starting a new job,

I always went to her for my kisses

so I was sure to be okay.

My Mother's Kisses

always made all my scratches go away and feel better.

even though they were not fully healed.

Even when I had a life crisis fully grown,

her kisses always made me feel that I could overcome

anything and that I was strong enough.

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Meet michelle

author, poet

Michelle Taylor-Jones

Copyright 2016 - Sonnets from My Soul - All Rights Reserved

Michelle Taylor-Jones often wrote for comfort as a child, then tucked it far underneath her mattress so that no one would dare learn of her innermost thoughts.  As an adult, she found her voice and has successfully built strategic plans in the areas of human resource management, community relations, sales, marketing and diversity & inclusion.

A co-founder of Black Women of Influence (BWOI), a New-York based development and networking organization for mid-level and executive women, Michelle currently works as a human resources professional and diversity & inclusion lead.  She has received numerous honors, including recognition by The Network Journal magazine as one of "25 Influential Women in Business," and is a sought-after speaker who has been featured in Black Enterprise and Uptown magazines.  

Sonnets from My Soul is her first book.

See below for a sample of Michelle's favorite sonnets.